Saturday, April 4, 2009

My First Windows Application!

It's a Web Searcher!

U need to have .NET framework 3.5 installed along with windows installer 3.1 in order to run the application.....

Here's the LINK for the software.

Technorati Tags: Web Searcher, mediafire

International Students Software Competition ( ISSC 2007) At Bangkok, Thailand

I with my 2 friends( team of three) represented our nation at Bangkok in International Students Software Competition, which consisted of programming ( problem solving). We stood first at the All India Level after qualifying the state level. We programmed on Java, rest teams like Sri lanka used C++, Thailand folks themselves used Java, Taiwan team worked on C++ as well, etc. There were 2 rounds on two separate days, trials and finals, we stood fourth overall. Its a great pride to represent your motherland, that was the most amazing thing that we experienced. Rest details can also be found at this site in the achievements of last 6 years list. Some Pics of Bangkok of our trips taken by my taiwan friend, Danny, can be seen here