Sunday, August 24, 2014

Accessing files on android via MTP on Linux

I recently purchased a Motorola MotoX from an AT&T store. Although it is a fabulous piece of hardware, the first trouble i encountered was getting access to files on my fedora 19. The internal memory was not being automatically mounted neither via MTP nor PTP. This was a bit frustrating.

However, the problem can be solved in 15-20 mins with a bunch of yum install commands. One needs to install gMTP and its dependencies which can be found here. Download the source code and extract it. Run ./configure, make and make install. If you encounter errors like 'Package somename was not found', you need to explicitly install it and re-run ./configure. I personally remember installing at least 5-7 dependencies before i got it working.

e.g. yum install fuse-devel libid3tag-devel libmtp-devel libmad-devel fuse fuse-libs libmtp simple-mtpfs glib2-devel

Once done, run gMTP and enable MTP mode on your android phone. You should now see the files listed in the gMTP window as shown below