Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holidays and stuff...

Yeah, summer time, vacation time. The second semester ended and it was a huge relief as with that, the first year of Engineering also came to an end. I had a BIG TO-DO list for the upcoming 2 months.

After 2 semesters, my CGPA stood at 9.52 on a ten point scale. The semester contained much ups and downs at random intervals. Anyways, that didn't change my music listening. This time i was trying out indie-electro bands, like Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service and Owl City. These bands had some amazing tracks like Marching bands of Manhattan, Soul Meets Body, Such Great Heights, Fireflies, Saltwater Room and many more.

Other thing that i would like to mention here is about a clear-type font called Calibri. Calibri is of Sans-serif typeface now widely adopted by Microsoft as default font in their applications. My liking for calibri began while i was reading through blogs. It's currently my default font in Windows, IE, Firefox and other applications.

Regarding gaming, i think i mentioned in some previous posts that my integrated video chip could not handle much, so i got some games for my Playstation 2. I got NFS Undercover (yes i know it's too late but i can't help it), Tennis (A new version), and Gran Turismo 4 (Long awaited :)) The PS2 has been around for 10 years since it's release in 2000 and these were some of the last games to exist on this platform.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

After an year

Today, 17th June 2010, my ebook celebrates it's first anniversary. I would like to give it a thumbs-up from myside as it currently has 3085 downloads (that rounds up to 1 download every 3 hours) from famous file hosting sites like rapidshare and mediafire. Nearly 500 downloads were from torrents.


I've had many comments, especially on forums, largely with thanks, some with improvements and a few with suggestions. I resisted from making a video out of the tips i wrote about in the book just to make it a more practical "DIY" for users. I hope that the screenshots posted in the book helped in implementing the discussed topic.

The best part was that i had no dedicated website of my own and neither did i invest in paying a famous website to advertise this ebook. Nearly all downloads were out of the self-interest of users.

I would like to extend my gratitude and huge amounts of thanks to all the people who supported my during the creation and publicizing of this book. I hope the downloads keep on swelling with time.

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