Saturday, November 21, 2009

Basic IM Requirement In Torrent Clients

The other day, i was uploading to some person from USA having an adsl connection while i was on my tiny data card with a maximum speed of 153.6Kbps. The upload speed was lagging like anything and the adsl guy was losing my connection now and then.

Secondly, it happens sometimes that some old torrent is losing health consistently while you are on the brink of completing your download. And to your bad luck, the entire torrent just stops at 99.9% as the main seeder has been disconnected or he has lost his will to seed further.

In both of these and many other similar cases, there is no facility to communicate to that particular seeding IP to continue a bit further so that the torrent remains alive in the community. What use does displaying an IP:PORT combination have if u cannot do anything about it. And what more, the messaging system via telnet was removed from Windows Vista/7 ( install explicitly; and i miss u too HyperTerminal :-( ) and not many rely on commands like "net send" (some text) in order to send a message via command prompt regarding their request.

Thus, a torrent client specifically needs a small instant messenger that can help torrents live longer. The current scheme of the most famous torrent clients that are mostly C based can be modified to suit this need OR a entirely new torrent client can be made with the help of any robust visual language (C# has much to offer). Something innovative is required from the torrent world in the form of client updates!

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