Thursday, June 17, 2010

After an year

Today, 17th June 2010, my ebook celebrates it's first anniversary. I would like to give it a thumbs-up from myside as it currently has 3085 downloads (that rounds up to 1 download every 3 hours) from famous file hosting sites like rapidshare and mediafire. Nearly 500 downloads were from torrents.

I've had many comments, especially on forums, largely with thanks, some with improvements and a few with suggestions. I resisted from making a video out of the tips i wrote about in the book just to make it a more practical "DIY" for users. I hope that the screenshots posted in the book helped in implementing the discussed topic.

The best part was that i had no dedicated website of my own and neither did i invest in paying a famous website to advertise this ebook. Nearly all downloads were out of the self-interest of users.

I would like to extend my gratitude and huge amounts of thanks to all the people who supported my during the creation and publicizing of this book. I hope the downloads keep on swelling with time.

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