Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adjusting to Mandriva Linux

I did a clean install of Mandriva Linux (i586) powerpack 2008 yesterday on a separate 25GB partition (ext3 formatted), thereby dual booting with Windows Vista Home Premium.

One of the early problems i faced was regarding writing data on NTFS formatted drives (i had 3 of them!). Thankfully Linux programmers have written out a library known as ntfs-3g to enable write support on the Linux kernel. Fetch the ntfs-3g through "Mandriva Linux Control Center", unmount the NTFS drive through disk drake, switch to "Expert mode", change the type of the drive to "NTFS-3G", uncheck ro (read-only) from options, and re-mount the drive for the changes to take place.

The same thing can be done through "Configuration Editor".

Second thing was getting my windows applications to run so that i dont feel like i'm in a no-man's land :)

The default "Software Management" tool was useful in itself but it is not a complete solution. I fetched software info's as well as their main updates from Online Repositories through Konsole. A useful website for this job is :-

The links to the repositories (which are infact Konsole commands) are provided by selecting the appropriate linux, its version as well as its architecture.

To integrate those repositories into the "Software Management", the Konsole commands have to be executed as root.

Next, i updated my system via "Mandriva Control Center". I had around a 1100 updates (now that figure seems a little big for my 256Kbps connection :) ). After the updation process is complete, switch back to "Software management". Applications are now updated and new ones are added.

After doing this much, i felt somewhere near to being @ my home.

The one thing that surprised me in linux was its Konsole being case sensitive, as it is seen here while i was trying to install Nvidia Drivers for my 6200TC:-

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