Friday, December 25, 2009

Change Log of the past 6 months

It was after 4.5 months that i returned back home from college. It was a hard time as one has to manage his studies taking care of his routine, food, clothes, and what all is required to leave a healthy life @ any college. The first semester is an important part of the 4 year BE. After the completion of the first sem, i currently have a healthy GPA of 9.38 on a ten point scale.

December is vacation time for most of the college students. I had pre-planned my vacations in all respects. Most of the part dealt with gaming and other computing activities that i could not indulge into while i was at college. To start with, i completed Farcry, probably rated as one of the best FPS of all time. Graphics rendering was not good on my notebook, but i should appreciate what the integrated intel chipset could do with 1759MB of shared memory. Today, many people have completed even Farcry 2 , but that can hardly run on my machine. The second game i started with was Machinarium, a super puzzle game. The biggest thing about this game is that it relies entirely on the flash engine. And Amanita Designs have put their heart and soul into creating this amazing piece of adventure.

Regarding computing, i had several things in mind. I wanted to learn Visual C# completely. The confusing part was with the pre-knowledge of C++, Visual C++ was a good second option. It carried great weightage as the new code i had thought of implementing in Firefox was based on Visual C++. I was unfamiliar with Mercurial (and the huge list of hg commands) which were a sort of prerequisite to begin coding for mozilla. During this year, i had succeeded in creating some windows form applications of general use in Visual C#. I finally went with C# and currently in the process of learning. The second thing regarding computing was getting back my data from my old desktop to my notebook. I had two options, direct LAN or WAN. I tried both ways, first LAN, i got a nearly constant speed of 10MBPS. Switching to WAN via my Siemens 802.11 a/b/g Router gave me a maximum of 54Mbps, much slower than what a single LAN wire would easily provide. At the end of nearly 4 hrs, i ended up transferring 150GB of data :)

Christmas time one of the most awesome period of the year (Even though i hate cold weather :P). This year, i got for myself a 1600 CPI iball laser mouse and some comic books, including Superman Adventures, Batman, Justice League and Spiderman. My old 800 CPI mouse had a defective scroll wheel. Things at home had changed somewhat. I had shifted to a new temporary home far away from my old place, something that i hardly liked. So meeting old friends was an integral part of this vacation. These holidays are coming to an end in a week's time from now and i'm already waiting for the next semester to be over as soon as possible.

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